A Trip to Petit Goave, Haiti

Yes, The Labakcare Haiti Medical Mission trip was a huge success. 6 American medical professionals left the USA on August 2nd to go and serve people they have never met or had any ties with. We were joined on ground with 2 Hatian Doctors, 4 Hatian Nurses, and 8 workers. One thing we pride ourselves on at Labakcare is that we do not limit our services only to countries that are familiar to us. Bravo to all the volunteers (Funmi, Leah, Joan, Walaha, and Haneefah). You guys are awesome! While in HAITI we conducted our health fairs at Petit Gauve in two different locations. We were able to screen and test over 500 men, women, and children.

An infant that will forever remain close to my heart is a one month old infant that was brought to us with 3 days of vomiting and diarrhoea. This poor baby was so weak and very lethargic as we will say. Over here in the US, the baby would have been admitted for hydration. I consulted with one of the Haitian doctors working with us and I recommended that they send the child to the hospital. They told me not to send the child to the hospital because the child would not be on the priority list and may never be seen. That the child would just sit until God knows what happens next. What a big shame! So we sent for Pedialyte and there was none to be found at any pharmacy in the area. I then mixed a little sugar and salt in a bit of water told the grand mother to feed the baby and that she should bring the baby back the following morning.

The next morning, who did I first see as we were pulling in....the grand mother with the baby. Now the baby looked sicker than yesterday and of course, l was getting more frustrated than word can express. With anger, I went to the pastor, who was our host and said to him "l do not care where you have to find me Pedialyte but I need right now! Take your motorcycle and go anywhere you have to go to get me this." Within about 1 to 2hrs came the Pedialyte.Praise God!! I sat down and held the baby in my arms and fed the baby with little drops of Pedialyte and Lo and behold the baby started having tone and color coming back.

That is what am talking about. Saving one life at a time :-). The grand mother was educated and sent home with two full bottles of Pedialyte. I encourage each person reading this blog to join up with us either locally or globally to make difference in people lives. We are hoping you can support us by providing a monetary gift or donating your time. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Stay blessed everyone.

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