Nigerian Medical Mission Dec 2015

Hello All,

I am very happy to say that our medical mission to Nigeria this past December was a huge success!

We saw over 1300 individuals from Dec 14th - 18th. Three volunteers left from the US and were joined on the ground by 16 other volunteers of both LabakCare and Sango Otta foundations. Among the groups were three family practice doctors, a family practice nurse practitioner, a pyschiatrist, a registered pharmacist, nine registered nurses, four auxiliary nurses, and several other administrative workers.

It was heart breaking to diagnose so many Nigerians with malignant hypertension. I imagine that out of the 1300 people seen, 80% had blood pressure of over 200/116 after repeating on 3 different occasions.The most depressing thing was that these people were unaware of their problems and the implications. The other 20 % could be said to have rebound hypertension. These people knew that they have the problem but do not have money to pay for doctor visits or purchase the medicines needed.

Thanks to Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) who gave us over $400,000 worth of medicines. Most especially the different anti-hypertensive and anti cholesterol medicines. We were able to provide between 3 to 6 months supply of medicines to individuals that needed it.

It is our hope to have a follow up visit before the medicines runs out. I would like to seize this opportunity to say A BIG thank you to everyone for your continued support of making a difference in peoples lives. Thank you so very much! Please join with us by making a monthly recurrent contribution of $10 or any amount that you can afford. The money donated enables us to buy all other needed medicines, transport the medicines, and also to offset our costs on ground while serving. Once again thank you so much and God's abundant blessings.

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