Nigerian Medical Mission 2016

LabakCare has been traveling to Nigeria since its inception in 2006. We have been to Nigeria five times and this past March made our sixth trip to the most populous country in Africa. With the Nigerian population estimated at just under 180 million, you can imagine how many people are without access to any health care. The free services we provide on our medical missions are well needed and greatly appreciated by those we see in the different villages we travel to.

Medical Mission March 14 - 28, 2016

The March 2016 Nigerian Medical mission was a very productive and unique experience. Three sites were visited and served.

Site #1: Oluseyi Maternity Home, Abeokuta

Services Provided: Screened for hypertension, diabetes, aches & pains, prenatal care, women's health issues, and well baby visits. Total people seen includeding infants was 618. Thanks to the Matron & staff of Oluseyi Maternity Home. The most pressing disease was malignant hypertension and diabetes.

Site #2: Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro

Labakcare spent 2 days here providing screening and treatment for different types of health issues which included a woman that had been afflicated with a serious slain infections sometime after delivering a baby. Diagnosis was made right away of post partum impetigo. Treatment was provided and the woman left with much appreciation for the services rendered. Classmates of mine from some 45 years ago and some other Compronians (Comprehensive High School Alumni) including our present high school students teamed up with Labakcare to make the event a successful and rewarding one.

Site #3: Igbe Health Center

This health center has never been in operation until Labakcare arrived. We were able to get this facility into operation and since then the facility has been operating even after our departure. Treatments were provided for diabetes, hypertension, skin infections & women's health. Two people were brought in that were on the verge of having a stroke b/p 245/128 rechecked at 246/128. These patients were experiencing blurred and slurred speech. We quickly gave 3 combinations of antihypertensive medication (hydrochlorothiazide and 2 tablets of 81mg ASA). Patients were montired for some time while their b/p gradually returned to an acceptable range. Patient(s) were then discharged and sent home.The following morning, one of the Labakcare volunteers paid one of these patients a visit and her condition had greatly improved.

Another post stroke victim was brought to the center during our time there. The patient had not sought medical care post stroke. Her b/p 180/118 and she was not on any meds. Medicines were provided to her with lots of health education and patient and family were advised to return in future for follow up.

In all 3 sites follow ups were instituted. We arranged with Doctors and nurses on ground to follow up for us with all patients. Remaining medicines were donated to the site.

We would like to say a big thank you to each one of you for your continued support and your trust in our organization. This donations are critical to the success and impact our organization is able to have. Without these donations all the great work we do around the world would be impossible. Please consider making a one-time or recurrent donation to continue to support our mission.


Conducting a successful medical mission take a lot of work, time, resources, and ofcourse money. We plan for months and raise as much funds as we can in order to see and help as many as we can while in the village. To date we have seen over 5000 people. In addtion to our medical mission this year we are also starting a project where the goal in to have a permanent health clinic in one of the villages. We plan to employ local nurses and health care workers to run the facilty throughout the year. This way the people who we see during our visits have a place to go to refill prescriptions and new comers can be screened.

This is not an easy task and we will need your support. Thank you so much!

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