Haiti Trip April 2018

Cap-Haitian, Haiti March 28 - April 4

Hello everyone, Haiti trip was beyond words can explain.It was splendid!!!! A team of five left from the US all were members of Cross Road Worship Center in Sewell N.J. We were joined on ground by three Haitian doctors, three registered nurses and one Pharmacist and other Haitian people that helped made the mission ran well. We were unable to see as many people that we would have loved to but the population of the area served was small. All together we saw over one hundred and twenty two people in our six to seven hours of work. We screened and provided treatments for various health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, skin infections, women's health issues and some other infections. We also provided treatment for gastro esophageal reflux disease which was so common among the population served. We were able to form partnership with the hospital/a health center in the area. This is great to have for the next time if we are going to perform any surgery. There we're lots of women that we saw with fibroids that had no money for the surgery. We also saw lot of people with cataracts that might need free surgery in the future. We say a huge thank to all those that make this happened. Thanks most especially to the congregation of our church Cross Road Worship Center in Sewell N.J.

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