Nigeria Medical Mission 2018

Our medical mission to Nigeria was a great success. We arrived in Nigeria on Tuesday the 28th. We sorted and packed our medicine in preparation for the mission. We brought with us medication for aches & pains, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetes, anti-cholesterol, cardiovascular, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, children's vitamins, malaria, de-worming, ring worms, antibiotics & antibacterial medications.

On Wednesday the 28th, we headed to Oluseyi Maternity home in Abeokuta. We donated 8 new baby cribs, 200 plastic disposable vaginal speculums, and vitamins to the maternity center. We saw many different kinds of patients at the maternity center. We were able to see about 62 male adults with hypertension and gave them up to 3 months supply of anti-hypertensive medication. In addition to the male patients, we saw about 80 female patients with hypertension. LabakCare also administered about 109 blood glucose screenings. We gave out cardio protection medicine to at risk adults. LabakCare also treated 132 adults for arthritis. We administered only one gynecological exam to diagnose uterine fibroids and a possible prolapse. This patient was referred for further care. We were also able to perform basic eye exams and about 35 people received reading glasses as a result. We gave out prenatal vitamins to over 40 pregnant women, and gave children's vitamins to nearly 70 children. LacakCare also gave a monetary donation to purchase 18 new maternity bed covers.

On the 29th, after Oluseyi Maternity home, we went to the Comprehensive High School Aiyetoro. They hold clinics here for students, but they do not have enough medication. LabakCare donated medication such as: antibiotics, anti-malaria, worm expellant, multivitamins and analgesics. In Aiyetoro, we also visited United Primary School, where we made a similar donation to their health clinic.

On Sunday, December 2nd, the LabakCare team went to the Okobaba destitute center camp in Ebutemeta, Lagos, Nigeria. There are over 500 beggars that live inside of the camp. We were able to see nearly all of these people. Services provides: skin infection examinations & treatment, malaria treatment, ringworm treatment, high blood pressure treatments, dehydration treatment, de-worming, and diabetes diagnosis and treatment. We also gave out prenatal and adult vitamins. This camp is in great need of help, they have some of the most heinous living conditions. Watch the video below to see their experience:

The Okobaba destitute center has no health center in the camp. LabakCare's long term goal is to establish a functioning health center or to have a visiting doctor & nurse to come once a month. We want to educate these children & people, to empower them to take control of their health and become functional members of society. We are also trying to raise funds to cover Awalu's cataract surgery. To learn more about that and make a donation click here.

On Monday, December 3rd, we went to Ibadan where we visited Bilal Maternity & Child Welfare Clinic on Idi Ape Iwo Road. We were able to donate 2 baby cribs, prenatal & children's vitamins, about 100 plastic disposable vaginal speculums, as well as medication for high blood pressure.

LabakCare on grounds team consisted of 6 doctors and 10 nurses. We thank our various generous donors and partners. Without them, LabakCare would not be possible. We touched the lives of many on this missions trip. We look forward to our next trip and thank you again.

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