Nigeria Fall 2019

November 8, 2019

This is to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers and to those that believe in us and in our vision. Thank you all so very much.


“Only a life lived for others is worth living.”

— Albert Einstein


The Labakcare team had a 10 days of free successful medical mission events in Lagos, Nigeria staring from October 17th to 26th.We were able to spend full 5 days working on the field.

Friday the 18th was used in preparation and getting to know all the other volunteers that would be working with us.This day was also used for canvassing the street of Cole Street and its environs in Surulere. Our partners were the Arrive Alive, the Eko electric, and a micro financing  “VFD”company".

Our first working day was on Saturday the 19th of October.

The screenings and treatments carried out included but not limited to the following: blood pressure, blood glucose, screening for basic eye problems, and distribution of free reading glasses.The children were also screened and treated for malaria and dewormed for round worms infestation.Various skin infections in children were diagnosed and treatments were provided. Free distribution of children vitamins were also provided.

Women were examined and treated for sexually transmitted infections and screened for cervical cancer through visual inspection. Breast examination was carried out and self breast exam was demonstrated to each woman seen. 

Men were screened for prostrate cancers and referral were made were needed. Pregnant women that were given free prenatal vitamins and were encouraged to go for prenatal care.


The total number of people seen on this day were almost 500 women, men, and children.


On Sunday the 20th, there was heavy rain that started early in the morning and we were of the opinion that people won’t show up. We showed up but to our surprise we had so many people waiting for us already. We carried the same exercises as we did on Saturday. This day though, we worked and stay longer on the field. For both days the total number of people seen was almost 1,000.

On Monday the 21st we took a rest day and also to prepare for the rest work days of the week.

Tuesday the 22nd of October, we were at the Destitute Camp School for the children at Oko-Baba Destitute Camp in Ebute Meta Lagos.


Activities carried out: Screening for malaria, worm infections, skin infections, vomiting and diarrhea, and many more.Treatment were provided in all cases. We saw almost 300 children.

All of the pregnant women were see at the camp. The importance of well balanced diet was discussed through interpreter and distribution of prenatal vitamins for up to 3 months supply and each woman was given. We also were able to supply a birthing kit to about 20 pregnant women.

On Thursday 24th of October we were at Agege with a traditional male birth attendants. We provided prenatal health Talk and provided information on nutrition during pregnancy and importance of genotype testing. About 80 birthing kits were individually distributed to all the women present.


On Saturday 26th of October we went back to the Destitute Camp at Oko BabaWe saw over 400 adults some 41 children. Treatments included all that were done on Tuesday for the children and treatments of chronic medical problems for adults with the distribution of up to three months supply of medicines.
We are also happy to announce that we have instituted a three months follow up visit at the Destitute Camp in Oko baba Ebute Meta Lagos Nigeria.

Again, Thank you to all of our generous donors and volunteers! Without you this wouldn't be possible.




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