Nigeria Medical Mission 2019

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world. Its Population is over 198 million people.The World Health Organization(WHO) ranked Nigeria 177th out of a total of 191 countries on its degree of responsiveness to health care needs (WHO). The average life span in Nigeria 53.43 years. Impoverished people constitute about 70% of the Nigeria population .The people lack access to basic health care services. This is why Labakcare makes an annual medical mission to Nigeria to render free medical services.This year’s trip was from October 17th to 28th.

10/18/2019: Venue: Arrive Alive on Cole Street Surulere Lagos, Nigeria Collaborating conference with Arrive Alive, Eko electric , VFD micro financing and other health care professionals. 10/19/2019: Venue: Arrive Alive, Cole Street Surulere Lagos Nigeria. Health Services provided: Blood pressure, blood glucose screenings and treatment. Women’s health screening for STI’s and treatment. Screening also for cervical cancer through visual inspection-.referral provided where needed. Screening for prostrate cancer. Treatment for malaria and worm infestation. Basic eye exam and provision of free reading glasses. Children health services: including physical examination, treatment for skin infections, diarrhea, anemia and malnutrition and malaria infection. Total number of children 180 Adults: 350 10/20/2019: Site: Arrive Alive Surulere Cole Street, Lagos Nigeria. Services provided: Same as above. More people were seen on this particular day. Adults:454 Children: 162 10/22/2019: Site: Oko Baba Destitute Camp-Destitute Children School at Ebute Metta Lagos Nigeria. Population seen :Children and their teachers. Services provided: Physical examination for the children. Treatment provided for warm infestation, malaria, malnutrition, anemia, fever ,diarrhea and various skin infections. Destitute pregnant women were also seen. We provided them with health talk on nutrition and various diseases during pregnancy. We distributed prenatal vitamins and free birthing kits, one to each pregnant woman. Total number of children seen 311. Total number of pregnant women seen 19. 10/24/2019: Site: Traditional Birth Attendant Clinic in Agege Lagos, Nigeria. Services Provided: Health education on pregnancy and nutrition. Health talk on Sickle cell disease Provided by the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation Lagos Nigeria. Distribution of free prenatal vitamins and a birthing kit to each pregnant woman with a total of 70 kits and a Doppler donated to the birth attendant. Total number of pregnant women seen 70. 10/26/2019: Back to OkoBaba Destitute Camp: Health Clinic for Adults: Services Provided: Screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, malaria ,anemia Complain of aches & pains and arthritis. Treatment provided in all cases. Total number of men and women seen 618.

10/27 /2019: Head back home to the United States. Without the support of great people like you this particular mission would have been impossible.Special thanks to our partners in Nigeria Arrive Alive, Eko Electric, and VFD micro financing company. Thank you all so very much.

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