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Every Birth Counts

Mother baby mortality is in crisis all over the world, but especially in Nigeria. According to the World Health Organization, only about one third of women have access to a care provider when they birth their baby. In addition to this, one in five children do not make it to see age five. 

Ebute-Meta, Nigeria is the home of the Oko Baba Destitute Center . This destitute center is the home to many men, women, and children. They live in the worst form of poverty. The members of LabakCare have been working hard to provide consistent clinics, so that they have access to medical care. However, we want to take it a step further.

In recent visits, it has come to our attention that the lay midwives of the camp are assisting laboring moms with no equipment. They do not have access to gloves, sanitation, sanitary pads, newborn diapers, bulb syringes and other basis necessities. 

It is our goal at LabakCare to put together "Maternity Packs" to take there on our next medical mission. The packs would include basic supplies for the lay midwives, new mom and the baby. These are things that we often take for granted ourselves. For example:  receiving blankets, sanitary pads, mesh underwear, bulb syringes, cord clamps, gloves, baby soap, wash cloths/towels, and hopefully more!

We will be delivering the kits in Fall 2022.

Thank you!


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